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vendredi 7 mai 2010

When a member play with Tagged Staff what can happen ?

Come On Tagged...You did it again and again, Deleting innocent Pets Players!
You did a Great Job! How many Percentage of commisions you earned in cheating your members?
hahahahaha...Buying Golds and Change it into Cash??? Wow, Huge Profit...hahaha
Come On Tagged Admin.... Share your profits or donate some in my Foundations (Crown Love of Royal Blood Foundations) You will help a lot of People in my Foundations uplifting their life style...hahaha, instead of cheating your members, fair and help me.
Good Deeds Broings Luck to your Site!
Please Repost my message so that TAGGED will noticed it.
Thank you!
With Love and Care,
DEO☺♥P.W.♥ ¶RoyalBLooD☻
Founder Of CLORBF, and
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2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit...

everybody told now many new pet player are rare below 1 Million$ ,it would mean not so many new members playing and many players or buyer can have many accounts to play with himself to raise is money ;-) all the other chat and meet people and never know pet gamers buy her ,because they dont know to play pet game ,but they just want to meet people and share love and pics by yahoo account like all people in internet doing ;-)

Marc Leblanc T.I. a dit...

wow if you start at 500$ how can buy pet ?